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Bike storage and display

Bike Storage for your
Home or workplace

Whether you have one bike, five or 50+, we can supply and install bicycle-specific storage and display features in homes, garages, and workplaces!

Whether you have just one or a fleet of bicycles (even more importantly for a fleet) we can help you secure them, display them, and make your life that little bit easier.

Make your bike storage safe, space-saving and user-friendly

We attend to call-outs at many different locations, and we get to see many different ways of storing bicycles. Some of them simply take up too much space due to poor design and installation, some of them are unsafe and at risk of damaging the bike or user! Some bike storage is non-ergonomic, and some bike storage is just non-existent!

A Tradies Quality Installation with a Bikers Touch

We’ll bring the knowledge, the plan, and the tools. You can relax knowing you have a professional to handle your pride and joy. Experience fittings that won’t fall off the wall, and will work with the space you’ve got.

Bike storage racks are designed to solve a problem. Every use case has different priorities, but the fundamental benefits are shared. As you will see, having some well designed bike racks provides many benefits across all its different use cases.

For the home user:​

  • Reclaiming floor space.
  • ​Neat and tidiness.
  • Avoiding scratches and damage.
  • Pride and joy, providing a secure lockup point.
  • Ease of use for anyone, adult or child.

For a building/shared use garage/end-of-trip facility/workplaces:

  • Keeping safe driving and walking passages.
  • Avoiding scratches and damage.
  • Providing a secure lockup point.
  • Maximizing the little storage space offered in apartment living.

For a cafe, library, sports venue, public amenity, etc:

  • Keeping footpaths and dining spaces clear.
  • Avoiding scratches and damage (which in turn; encourages cyclists to visit/shop/spend).
  • Provide a secure lockup point that is also visually appealing in its space, whether being used or not.

We primarily install bike racks in home garages, front patios, or basements. However, there’s no limit to the places where they can go. We have done outdoor installations for cafe or library patrons, for school fleets or for their students, warehouses, bike shops, and workplaces.

All we need is a wall or beam to fit the racks to that will support the weight of a bike and rack. The most common material types we fit to are brick, concrete, and wood studs (usually behind the drywall). Please note, we do not install directly to drywall, or to metal studs behind drywall. We can install to suitably stable metals where they’re exposed (quote required). Brick and concrete installations require a Dynabolt upgrade, outlined in the pricing below.

We can even get creative with finding a location – sometimes we will install a wood or metal cross-beam to create a wall where there previously was none, or where the wall surface was inappropriate for securing bikes and racks to. We even have the capacity, skills, and tooling to fabricate rolling metal carts that your racks will mount to – these are often used by schools, rowing clubs, bike hire venues, and more to allow the movement of bikes while mounted in storage.

Our two wall hook formats
Vertical Wall Hooks

This is the most common type of storage due to its easy mounting. Simply walk your bike holding the handlebars and pull the front wheel in to the air. You can use your knee on the saddle, and your hands on the handlebars to gently lift the bike on to the hook.

You can also “top and tail” the bikes, meaning one is mounted on on the front wheel and the next is mounted on the rear wheel- this means you can fit bikes together in a closer space, and allows room for wide mountain bike handlebars.

These hooks can be installed in so many ways, all it takes is a little creativity.

Parallel Wall Hooks

Parallel hooks keep the bike closer to the wall. Its the best method to not only store a bike, but to DISPLAY the bike neatly. This orientation uses more wall space, but does make way for movement next to, and underneath the bike.

It is also a great method for hanging the bike above head height. This is because you can lift the bike by the rear seat stays and the forks, and easily lift it above your head on to a high parallel hook.

Hooks such as the Cycloc wall mount look great, come in a range of colors for in-home matching, and have a hole for a lock to run through it, and around the bike.

Some hooks have an extending arm that can fold against the wall when not in use.

Our Bike Hanger OptionsWe stock these top quality brands available for purchase through us, or supply & install.

SteadyRack – Premium Bike Racks

  • 5 models to choose from: Classic, MTB, Fender, Fatbike, and eBike. All models suit 20-29″ wheel diameters.
  • Renowned all over the world for quality, appearance and function. Our most premium option.
  • Roll-on feature allows anyone to hang a bike.
  • Every tire width is covered, depending on the model.
  • Higher weight capacity. Up to 35kg, and 25kg (Fender)
  • The fender model is compatible with mudguards.
Ibera roll-on vertical
  • 20-29″ wheel diameters.
  • Up to 2.5″ tire width.
  • Load capacity 18kg.
  • Roll-on feature allows anyone to hang a bike.
  • Retractable; folds flat against the wall when not in use
  • Swings side to side.
  • Not suitable for bikes with mudguards.
  • Value based option.
Feedback Sports Storage Velo Wall Rack
  • A premium, sturdy storage rack for your home or garage.
  • Keeps bike closer to the wall than vertical racks.
  • Allows storing one bike above the other, or fit bike rack above other items/table/car/etc.
  • Cradle arms can be independently height adjusted to hold all types and sizes of bikes. Allows angle adjustment of bike.
  • Soft rubber protects the frame’s finish.
  • Load capacity: 31kg
Ibera Bike Wall Vertical Hanger
  • Storage or display rack. For mounting a single bike vertically on a wall. Wall protector for rear tire provided!
  • Space-saving design
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Non-scratch rim hook
  • Supplied with stick-on wall protector.
  • Wheel size: 20″–29″. Tyre Size – Height (rim+tyre): 8 cm (3.15”); Width: 5.4 cm (2.1″).
  • Load capacity 18 kg
Installation Pricing

A 10-minute free consultation period is covered to discuss the layout.

As per the above, our pricing is scaleable. This is because a lot of time is spent measuring and marking. It becomes a more efficient installation process when more racks are installed.

Our premium racks. We spend ample time considering compact, neat, and accessible fitting locations.

These two racks are less dependent on perfect height measuring, making for a faster installation.

Dynabolts Upgrade: $4 per rack
Installing into Brick or Concrete?

2x Dynabolts are required per rack for all brick and concrete installations. This is to ensure a lifetime of quality and safety, and is a requirement of our installations in these materials.

Get Bike storage for your
home, garage or workplace