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Our team can cater for any type and size of event. Our aim is to keep the wheels turning so that riders can have a stress-free day out.
Events are about
the Participants
Riders want to have a great time, or they might be competing and chasing goals. Either way, we can help make sure they have the backup they need on the big day.

Our team can attend events in the city or out of town with their mobile workshops. We have cargo-bikes and rolling workshops which can be set up around the course, or ridden out to riders that have broken down.

We often make a base at the start/finish area of a ride to provide tune-ups, diagnose problems, and provide spare parts. Meanwhile a mechanic can be on-course.

"We can provide your event participants with vital support on the big day. We can literally save their day as events are usually too far from bike shops, or on weekends when bike shops don't have a mechanic."

"We bring the parts, the tools, the advice, and the know-how to keep ride participants doing what they came to the event to do - RIDE."
our previous
Event experience
  • 1 x Bicycle Network Around The Bay In A Day 2023
  • 4 x MS Melbourne Cycle
  • 3 x Peter Mac Ride To Conquer Cancer
  • 5 x 2XU Triathlon Series
  • 5 x Victorian Downhill
  • 5 x Alpine Gravity Enduro Victoria
  • 1 x Dragon Trail 2021 Tasmania
  • 1 x National Enduro Series – Victoria stage at Falls Creek with Blue Dirt
  • 4 x Ride To Work service days
  • 1 x VicRoads TAC Happy Riders safe riding promotion
  • 1 x Melbourne Bike Show 2022 providing free maintenance workshops
  • 1 x Scouts maintenance workshops
  • Many x Road bike, on-ride support
  • Many x mechanics group training sessions
  • Many x service days within the End Of Trip Facilities at big city buildings
  • Many x big days helping groups of riders with boxing and unboxing of bikes, ready for air travel

*Current as of October 2023

Large Scale Event? Charity Ride Day? Mountain Bike Event?