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The perfect gift
for a bike-loving buddy
Stuck what to buy your special bike-lover for their birthday? Maybe it's an anniversary, Valentines Day, or perhaps a thank you for being a fun-loving bike buddy?

Wonder no more. Our Gift Cards are the perfect present that will NOT go to waste! All cyclists need servicing for their pride and joy, and for the ones who don’t give their bike enough wrench attention – here’s a subtle way of telling them.

Makes you look thoughful

So many retail-based gift cards are wasted each year simply because some people can't be bothered going into the store! But that's not a problem because Mike will come straight to your special friend's door- and that's going to make you a more giving biker friend.

Pretty and straight to your door

Buy now and we will post the certificate to you or your lucky friend. It will be beautifully printed with your desired amount and posted within 2-3 business days.

Cash value, or service-specific- you choose

Please browse through gift cards options. We can provide gift cards based on one of the services we offer, or simple cash value to be put towards work on the bike. Vouchers of high value can be used over two call-outs and multiple bikes.

Give the Gift of Bike Mechanics

Simply fill in the form below, and Mike will make your recipient a custom named Gift Voucher that he or you can forward on, or print out and send to you in the mail. It will even be laminated!

We recommend the minimum value should be that of a general service ($130) so there are no callout fee surprises.