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Melbourne Motorcycle Transport

Get Your Motorbike
From A to B

Motorbike broken down or in need of moving? We’re proud to now offer motorcycle transport services.

Instead of relying on a removalist or general delivery driver, you can rest assured we’ll deliver your motorbike with the best possible care.

How Does it Work?

Your motorbike is picked up, strapped down, and transported to its destination. Safe and secure pickup and delivery, door to door unless arranged otherwise. Mike will keep a high level of communication throughout the operation.

Who Does the Motorbike Transfers?

Mike does!

He's a rider himself who is passionate about all bikes and keeping your bike in perfect condition.

Mike is a mobile bicycle mechanic who also rides motorcycles (road, dirt bikes, adventure bikes) in Aus and abroad. He has a 3.5t workshop van with a ramp, tie-down points, and an electric winch work stand. He puts his KTM 690 Enduro in here, and has transported many other motorbikes safely and securely. He's fully insured.

Mike has vast experience handling all kinds of motorbikes, having spent time...

  • ...With two strokes out in the dirt

  • Traveling vast distances fully loaded up with travel and camp gear in the sketchy mountain tracks in the Himalayas

  • Around the bitumen tracks on a supermoto

  • At Reefton and Jamieson on a supersport

  • Around Vietnam Bali and Thailand on Groms and scoots

  • And out in the Hattah desert and the Vic High Country on the beloved 690E

What Days do You Operate?

Business hours are Mon- Fri, 8am - 6pm. We can offer after-hours appointments including weekends, subject to availability. A bigger lead time leaves more open spaces in our calendar for your booking.

A common situation is bikes that are broken down in Melbourne, and the owner very worried about theft. We may be able to solve this situation with an urgent same-day pickup. The bike can be stored at our residence in Caulfield overnight, or a straight door to door delivery can be made. All subject to availability.

Basic Delivery


Transport a motorbike across Melbourne.

This initial offer is an indication of pricing, to be finalised based on time of day, distances, and availability.

The offer accounts for:

Beyond this point, we will do a custom quote based on your needs.

Some days he will be traveling closer or further from you, which can affect the rate, as does after hours time frames- for the best rate possible for the given time frame, call Mike for a quote.

*While two motorcycles will fit, extra large/long adventure bikes and cruisers will not allow a second to fit, especially if they need delicate handling – we won’t take chances there.

Call Now for a motorBike Transport Quote!